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Liquor types and basics

A casual drinker or a world class tippler? If you are reading this post, it's an indication that you love drinking. Part of knowing how to being a classy drinker involves knowing your way around alcohol. You may not particularly care about what you are drinking but it's never a good thing to ignore information. So, here is a quick guide to some of the most popular liquors around the globe.


absolut vodka


  • Made from grains or potatoes
  • Examples: Absolut, Grey goose, Smirnoff, Belvedere, Skyye, Ketel One, Stolichnaya. Russia, Finland, Poland, Sweden, USA.


Hendrick's Gin


  • Made from fermented juniper berries.
  • Examples: Blue Riband, Bombay Sapphire, Tanqueray, Hendricks, Beefeater. England, Scotland, India (Blue Riband).


Bacardi Rum


  • Distilled from sugarcane and molasses.
  • Comes in light, golden and dark varieties. The older it is, the darker it is.
  • Examples: Bacardi, Mount Gay, Old Monk, Myer's Dark,McDowell's No. 1 Celebration Rum. Puerto Rico, Jamaica, The Virgin Islands, India.




  • Distilled from the plant of Blue Agave plant in Mexico.
  • Examples: Jose Cuervo, Patron, Milagro, Don Emilio, Sauza. Mexico.


Scotch Whisky

Scotch Whiskey


  • Made from either malt or grain.
  • Scotch is always distilled in scotland but not necessarily bottled there.
  • Examples: Johnny walker Red (8yrs), Johnny walker Black (12 yrs), Chivas Regal, Glenlivet, Glenfiddich, McCallen. Scotches must be aged for a minimum of four years. They have a smoky and full bodied flavor.

Bourbon Whiskey



  • Made in Bourbon County, Kentucky, USA
  • Contains a minimum of 51 percentage of corn or sour mash.
  • Aged for at least 4yrs in charred oak barrels.
  • Amber in color, slightly sweet in flavor
  • Examples: Jim Beam, Maker's Mark, Wild Turkey.
  • Jack Daniels is one exception because it is from Lynchburg, Tennessee but it follows the same guidelines as Bourbon County.

Blended Whiskey

Blended whiskey


  • Several grains are used in the distillation process. It should be made of at least two of these ingredients; rye, oats or barley. must be at least 3 years old.
  • Examples: seagram's 7, Canadian Club, Crown royal Canada, United States.

Irish whiskey

Irish whiskey


  • Always produced in Ireland.
  • distilled from barley.
  • Examples: Jamesons, Bushmills.




  • Distilled in most countries that produce wine.
  • Examples: Mansion House, McDowell's No.1, E&J.




  • fermented from grapes grown only in the Cognac region of France.
  • Aged for a minimum of four years.
  • Age determines class:

     * **V.S.** - very special (4yrs)
     * **V.S.O.P**- very special old pale.( 4-6 yrs).
     * **X.O.**-  extremely old. (5.5- 40 yrs)
  • Examples: Remy Martin, Martel, Hennessey.

I hope this was informative. Write to me at if you have any queries or suggestions. Also, check us out on for great deals on alcohol. Gulp responsibly!

Here's to a Happy Gulping!


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