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Image taken at  Brewberrys Pub and Restaurant  Bangalore

Home bar essentials, basic glassware and tools.

In this article, I figured I would introduce you to some of the tools of the bartending trade. Let's talk about proper glassware, cocktail shakers, measuring tools etc. A lot of these tools are quite inexpensive. While there is no absolute need for you to own each one, having a couple of them in your home bar can come in handy to throw an extravagant cocktail house party.

So let's begin with proper glassware.

  • Cocktail glass

martini glass

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A cocktail/ martini/ or an up glass is used to serve any chilled beverage, straight up. By a chilled cocktail, I mean, any drink shaken or stirred and then strained into a cocktail glass and served without ice.

  • Rocks glass


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Rock's glass is the most commonly used type of glass. You can have your favorites like rum and coke, gin and tonic, whiskey and soda or vodka and orange juice served over ice. (On the rocks!) This glass can also be used to serve drinks, neat.

  • High ball glass


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A highball glass is most typically used to serve a multi liquored drink or a drink with more than one mixer. For example, Sex on the beach cocktail would go in a highball glass as it has your base liquor, a liqueur, and two kinds of fruit juices. Highball glasses can hold anywhere between 240- 350 ml of fluids.

  • Snifter


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Serve your aged brown spirit in a snifter. Brandy, Cognac or whisky neat!

  • Pint glass


A Long island iced tea would call for a pint glass. And what else, draught beers! Some establishments even serve Margaritas in a pint glass. Pint glasses can hold up to 475 ml of liquid and are well suited to make tall drinks.

  • Margarita glass


The name says it all!

  • Champagne flute


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Yup! Serve your favorite Champagne or any of that sparkly wine and it's to feel sophisticated!

  • Red/White wine glasses


Glass for red wine is rounder, wider, which gives the wine space to breathe.


White wine glass is narrower, with somewhat tulip-shaped sides. The narrowness of the white wine glass allows the chilled wine to retain its temperature.

  • Shot glass

<img src="glassware

Remember tequila shots and jager bombs!

When you are serving a drink to your guest, always remember to hold the glass below the equator!

Now let's move on to some of the basic bar tools..

  • Cocktail shaker Whether you are just chilling a drink or want to thoroughly mix it, use one of these bad guys. This is that one tool that I would say, is a must in every home bar.

<img src="cocktail shaker

  • Jigger


For consistent pours each time, use a jigger. Jiggers are made of stainless steel and have two uneven cones on each side. The smaller side measures 30 ml and the larger side is 60 ml.

  • Church key

beer opener

I mean a beer opener!

  • Muddler


A muddler is like a pestle used to mash herbs, fruits and spices in the bottom of a glass to release aromas. Making mojitos? Good luck without a muddler!

  • Bar spoon


A bar spoon is a long handled spoon. It's extraordinary length ensures you to get to the bottom of the tallest of glasses or jugs and mix the ingredients directly in the container. This one just makes life so easy!

Alright folks! See what suits your needs and pick them up. Don't forget to try out my recipes.

Here is to a happy gulping