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Most notable reactions of Indian Parents when they are told that you drink

How many of you have proudly told your parents that “I have started drinking mom, dad”

Trust me; the reactions that you get are going to be wild.

Some of them say, “Well, if you are mature enough to go to war at 18, why not drink”

Here is a list of reactions that you would have had:

I am okay:

The parents in this group are okay with the fact that you drink, however, they do not show any remorse either. They understand that you are grown up enough to take decisions. It's going to happen. The law might as well make it legal. It's not morally wrong to drink, that much is agreed on, why does the age of which it happens, important?

Sit down, I will pour you one:

Come son, now that you drink, you could give me company.

Please don’t drink outside:

I don’t have any issues in you drinking, but I would suggest you not to drink outside.

Everything should have a cover:

We are okay at home, but what would the others say when they see you? Please do it discretely if drinking outside is what you want to do. Be safe.

How dare you!!- You are so dead:

The parents in this group are so angry, that they would throw anything at you, cursing you for having done it and would not talk to you for days. They would sound like: how dare you drink? Is this what you have been taught by us? Then there would be a lot of BHAMMM!!!, WHAMMM!! And then it goes on. Know your parents well buddies before you think they are cool. It is better not to come in their radar buddies.

We are a poor family, drinking is for the rich:

Did we send you to college for this? We had saved a lot of money to fund your education and now, you are blowing it up, spending for alcohol?

It’s your friends, change your friends:

You need to change your friend circle, they are really bad people. There are many nice guys who concentrate well on their studies and stay responsible. What is your problem in being with them? If others’ parents don’t care, it is not our problem, but you have to stop this right now.

Listen baby:

The parents in this category sit you down; give you lessons on the ill effects of drinking, talk to you for hours and hours, until you tell them that you will not drink again. You make their day and they may even get you a gift for understanding.

I don’t care – you are saved if this is the case:

They are the least bothered. It’s your life, live it or leave it is the attitude that they maintain. They are neither happy about it, nor sad about it.

My baby has grown up:

Ah! Now my child has become an adult. They are the happiest parents and they think that you have matured enough. It’s like, if you can go to war at 18, why can’t you drink? They may even offer you a drink at the table and may also take you out for a drink. Yes, they do have the limitations. They would not let you binge, but drink responsibly.

My life is ruined:

They are really sad that you have not followed their guidelines. They may cry, behave indifferent. They would generally be like: “I'm torn on the issue. I know it can be dangerous, but so can drinking in general. Not many people are safe these days.”

What?? Oh my god!! What have you done? Why did you do this?

Do you know what will happen next? This is the kind of reaction that you would get from a parent who is scared as to what would be the implications of drinking. When the son consoles his parents saying nothing would happen, more likely get ready to get some shouting and maybe some beating followed by crying from them.

Oh! Come on, no:

This is a feeling that many parents exhibit. They feel sad for the fact that they have not brought you up, the way they wanted to. They also, speak to you in such a way that you are made to feel guilty for having consumed alcohol. Their most common words are, “We know, we did not give you enough attention”, “We should have not let you go out that day”, “We should have put you in a better school, unfortunately, we could not afford the same”, “It is our entire fault and we would not let this happen”. You would end up feeling guilty for 2 reasons; 1 for drinking and 2 for telling them that you drink” How would you feel when your parents talk to you this way?

All said, you need to be in their shoes to understand the feeling. However according to most Indian parents, being an alcoholic, and just starting to sip beer aren't two different things. Now, we oppose that.

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Balakrishnan Subramanyan, Chief Bartender, Mixologist & Editor at Vgulp

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Balakrishnan Graduated from the Institute of Hotel Management, Hyderabad. He went on to do his masters in International Hospitality. He has also completed his foundation and intermediate levels in Wine and Spirits training. He understands beverages from their inception stage till they are sipped. Be it storage or handling, he knows how delicately beverages are treated. Upon obtaining considerable experience in travelling, eating and working in some of the niche destinations of hospitality, he is the chief mixologist at Vgulp and the journey continues. He believes there is no better love in this world than the love for alcohol.


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