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11 Strongest alcoholic beverages in the world that will knock you down

The alcohol content is defined by proof. In India, the government has regulated the same be at 42.8% ABV. However, this is not the case with liquor manufacturers abroad. I would not be surprised if we see soon in the market with the changing trends in brands and their availability in the local market. Here are some of the most potent drinks known, in no particular order, consumed by people all over the world.

1. Everclear This is considered as the world's strongest alcoholic drink. It is a grain spirit. Everclear can contain 95 % or 190 proof of alcohol. This is manufactured and sold by the American spirit company, Luxco. This is truly colorless, odorless and tasteless (If you can actually find out what it tastes like without burning your tongue)


2. Devil Springs Vodka This potent spirit is bottled at 80% ABV or 160 Proof. Best consumed in a cocktail with juices or ginger ale, it is always advisable not to down as shots. It is also a wonderful spirit for flaming cocktails.

Devil Springs Vodka

3. Absinthe The spirit was banned in most of Europe and Americas during the prohibition period of 1913. Also known as a green fairy, the spirit was known to give you hallucinating effects. This is made with wormwood bark or Artemisia Absenthium, from where the name comes. Absinthes are available from 90 Proof (45% ABV) to 170 Proof (85% ABV). However, it has now been legalized after a lot of scrutinizing tests on the product. The one that I have had is the Angelique Verte with 72% ABV and 20mg of thujon content. Deadly stuff, I must admit.


4. Bacardi 151 As the name suggests, this is strong rum from the stables of Bacardi with 151 Proof alcohol content or 75.5% ABV. The bottle comes with a stainless steel fire arrestor. Now you know how potent this is. This is beautiful rum for cocktails like daiquiris and Cuba Libre’, however, be careful to regulate the number of cocktails you have.

Bacardi 151

5. Balkan 176 The strongest known Scandinavian drink, the Balkan 176 is a 176 Proof vodka from the eastern part of Russia. This is strong, colorless, odorless and tasteless like the everclear. A little less potent than the strongest alcoholic drink, however, not one to get adventurous with. People have said to have died of alcohol poisoning after consuming a lot in short periods of time.

 Balkan 176

6. Sunset Rum very strong over-proof Rum from Kingstown in the West Indies. This rum is a product of St. Vincent Distillers. It is a robust spirit with 84.5% alcohol and used to mix in cocktails. It is advised against drinking it as it is, as it may cause burns. I am sure that you would not be able to see the sunset clearly if you are downing this by the beach.

Sunset Rum

7. Pincer Vodka whose Shanghai Strength vodka is 88.8% ABV, is strong potent vodka from Scotland. Seriously? Would you give way to sipping a few more drinks of Scotch just for this drink? Worth a try ain’t it?

Pincer Vodka

8. Bruichladdich X4+1 Quadrupled whisky The most alcoholic single malt whisky has an ABV of 92% or 184 proof. This comes from the island where Laphroaig is made, whose strongest whisky is at 58% ABV. Definitely says as to why there are more sheep in the island more than men.

Bruichladdich X4+1 Quadrupled whisky

9. Stroh Rum The Austrian rum is bottled at 160 Proof or 80% Alcohol. Much stronger than the Bacardi 151, the Stroh is one of the oldest forms of Domestic Rum from Europe. They are spiced and not to be sipped straight, however, they are mixed to make punches and flaming cocktails.

Stroh Rum

10. Spirytus rektyfikowany This means rectified spirit or neutral spirit. The 192 Proof spirit or the 96% ABV spirit is a Polish vodka. I would suggest you to leave this with the doctors for sterilizing rather than consuming it. This is more potent than the commonly known Everclear vodka.

Spirytus rektyfikowany

11. Good ol’ Sailor Vodka A little less known vodka; this is produced and consumed in Sweden. This is bottled from 38% ABV, little did anyone know that they had a version that is bottled at 170 Proof or 85% ABV. Now you know how they beat the icy winters.

Good ol’ Sailor Vodka

Balakrishnan Subramanyan, Chief Bartender, Mixologist & Editor at Vgulp

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Balakrishnan Graduated from the Institute of Hotel Management, Hyderabad. He went on to do his masters in International Hospitality. He has also completed his foundation and intermediate levels in Wine and Spirits training. He understands beverages from their inception stage till they are sipped. Be it storage or handling, he knows how delicately beverages are treated. Upon obtaining considerable experience in travelling, eating and working in some of the niche destinations of hospitality, he is the chief mixologist at Vgulp and the journey continues. He believes there is no better love in this world than the love for alcohol.


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